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Search for Associate Editors
The African Review of Economics and Finance (AREF) AREF is seeking to appoint up to six Associate Editors. They will serve for a period of one year, subject to renewal. The probation period is six months. Scholars with expertise in South, Southern, East and West Africa are especially encouraged to apply. We are also looking to build our profile on publishing works on the many ‘Africas’ in the world, so we encourage specialists in African diasporas to apply.

AREF is the leading peer-reviewed journal of African economies, economics and finance. Ranked in South Africa, Australia, and Finland, AREF is the most comprehensive journal of African economics and finance in the world. Not only does the journal publish high-quality articles in theoretical and empirical economics, be they orthodox, heterodox, or economics as an interdisciplinary social science, AREF also publishes opinions, reviews, and interviews. AREF articles always emphasize African economies and/or how they relate to other economies in Africa or the rest of the world. Recent special issues have centered on Subjective Well-being in Africa, China’s Impact on Africa’s Development, COVID-19, Inequality, and Social Stratification in Africa, and The Creative Economy in Africa and the Diaspora. However, there is no limit on the topics of interest.

All editorial positions are purely on voluntary basis. No honorarium is paid to either the editor-in-chief, editors, editorial board members, or reviewers. The current team are driven by passion. The opportunity for using the journal as an agenda-setting economics vehicle is complementary. Previous Associate Editors have included full and associate professors at world-leading research universities. The Associate Editors will independently solicit and select articles that advance AREF’s agenda. Promoting published papers, among others, on the AREF blog is a second task. A third is working with the other editors/associate editors/editor-in-chief to run the Annual AREF Conference, select the A.K. Fosu Prize, and choose suitable candidates for AREF biographical essays.

Appointable Associate Editors are expected to have the following qualifications, experience, and attributes:

- A PhD or ABD in economics, political economy, finance, economic sociology/economic geography, development Studies or any cognate areas;
- Publications in mainstream/heterodox/social economics/political economics journals;
- Teamwork and Communication Skills; and
- Demonstrated long-term research interests in Africa and African economics/finance/political economy.
- Considerable networks in North, Central, Eastern Africa, the Island Countries in Africa, and Africa in the diaspora (e.g. (South) America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe)

Desirable but not Required Qualifications include
- Previous experience as Editor of a journal, academic blogs, newspaper, or book series
- Affiliation with a university, research institute, or other academic/research bodies Applicants are required to submit the following items to the editor ( jones.odei-mensah@wits.ac.za ) before 31 December, 2022.
- Cover Letter,
- A vision statement on transforming AREF

- A statement on how the candidate meets the expected and desirable qualifications;
- Evidence of service to AREF/Evidence of other contributions to AREF
- CV; and
- One writing sample, whether published or unpublished.


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